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FRI 5/10 – HISSING TILES with FOOL’S GHOST (Louisville) and SIREN SUIT

May 10 FREE



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Hissing Tiles is a noisy power trio from Cincinnati, OH consisting of Patrick Apfelbeck (drums), Michael Squeri (guitars/vocals), and Erik Ziedses des Plantes (bass/vocals). Originally formed under the name “Gazer” in late 2012, their sound has evolved over time from nimble, hard-hitting stabs of noise-punk to include more expansive and textural elements, combining the grit and roar of punk and hardcore with the contemplative pulse, atmosphere and repetition commonly found in electronic music and the avant-garde realm.

Hissing Tiles’ early EPs “Phone Commercial” and “Fake Bulbs” were compiled and released on a 12” record by Cincinnati label Phratry Records in 2014. A split 7” with Detroit psych-punks Frustrations followed in 2015 on Nashville label Glad Fact. In 2016, following almost a year of home recording and sound experimentation, Hissing Tiles re-emerged with their new name and their first full-length album, entitled ‘Aces Read Me To Sleep.’

Hissing Tiles is planning on recording their second LP later in 2017. Nearly all of their music to date is available to curious listeners for free or pay-what-you-want donation on their Bandcamp page.


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Siren Suit

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Siren Suit creates visceral high-volume vital rock music. Comprised of Dave Cupp (Caterpillar Tracks, Old City) on guitar and vocals, Kyle Knapp (Future Strikes, The Turkeys) on Bass and Vocals, and Matt Retherford (Royal Holland, Minor Leagues) on Drums. They dance easily between the pummeling heaviness and power of The Melvins and the dynamic interplay between instruments and vocals of Devo easily straddling their myriad proto/post-punk influences. They are the kind of band that leaves everything on the stage the kind of band that nearly destroys themselves in every performance. The three began collaborating in a David Bowie tribute band discovering they had more in common than simple love for the Pale White Duke. Soon they began work on their first set of songs, some of which are on their newly released EP01. Recorded by Mike Montgommery (R. Ring, Ampline) at Candyland Recording Studio who has also recently recorded local legends The Breeders among others and mastered by Steve Wethington whose recording and production credits are too many to list, EP01 demonstrates the live potential of Siren Suit. They prefer a band in a room approach to recording eschewing the gloss of many modern recording techniques for the rawness of a live feel. Expect them traveling to many of their former midwestern haunts this summer and a new EP to be recorded soon. Keep an eye and ear out for Siren Suit.


May 10
10:00 pm - 1:00 am