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FRI 10/11 – US, TODAY with POC and up+dn

October 11 FREE


Us, Today

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Us, Today is a trio (drums, guitar, vibraphone/keyboard) based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their style is best described as an avant-garde post-rock with a heavy emphasis on experimentation.

It all began with a conversation about Annie Clark…
Soon after, Joel and Kristin began meeting weekly in a basement, exchanging ideas, talking about what they’d always wanted to do but never been able to in a band. THAT was what they should play. After a few months of meetings, ideas became songs. “I think i know a drummer that would be into this.”, says Kristin. Jeff shows up to the basement, plays through a few tunes, and asks when “we” were practicing next. The duo is now officially a trio. The name was unintentional and agreed upon immediately.

Us is who we are. Today is most important.


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Comprising four veterans of Cincinnati’s local music scene, up+dn creates shimmering, staccato guitar-driven pop that evokes the variance of experience and range of emotions inherent to our lives.
Bandmates Archie Niebuhr (lead vocals, guitar, bass), Brian Davies (bass, synth), John Bertke (drums), and Nick Federinko (lead guitar, vocals) champion the creation of bright, emotional, and accessible music enhanced by the diverse backgrounds of each member. This is music that prioritizes feeling over categorization, incorporating their collective experience in the worlds of ska, jam, hip-hop, jazz, rock, and electronica.
Take the confidence gleaned from decades of music experience (and the occasional failures along the way), add an appreciation for the genre eclecticism of modernity, then wrap it all in the ethos of celebrating shared life experiences and you have the foundational elements of up+dn’s sound. With two vibrant singles in hand (“Dance”, “Til This Feeling”) mastered by the legendary Ted Jensen, this quartet is using their excitement over new ideas and their wisdom gained over time to build themselves up into an outfit which will keep creating evocative pop music reflective of this messy and beautiful modern life.


October 11
10:00 pm - 1:30 am